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Message from Master Joe

Welcome to RCFA

To every Instructor, Competitor, and Parent I would like to welcome all of you to 2023. May this year be filled with good health and opportunities. We at RCFA are very excited about all the events scheduled for this coming year. We are moving into exciting times.
Nationally and internationally, we are experiencing a fast growth of new members affiliating on amateur and professional levels. We are excited to have received accreditation from MASA (Martial Arts South Africa) so that we can offer Provincial and National Colors. National colors will be presented to competitors with the highest skill level. An assigned panel will have the final decision as to which competitors' colors will be assigned.
The best competitors will be representing RCFA at the WKO(World Kickboxing Organization) Worlds Championship, England in August 2023. PKA (Professional Karate Association) our associate members in the USA are in the process of selecting the best strikers in the world to be showcased in Las Vegas, USA. We fully support their efforts. It is of utmost importance to create opportunities for exposure to our competitors of RCFA. Relationships between Shihan’s, Sensei’s, Ushidoshi’s, Judges, Referees, Competitors, and all parents must remain in good spirits and support each other in our events.
You are all part of history in the making. Yours in sport Master Joe Viljoen


Master Joe Viljoen
World President


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Kelly Leo wins World Heavyweight Title for Ring Contact Figting Arts with a dramatic KO in the 5th round at the Emerald Resorts Casino near Johannesburg South Africa and recaps his overview of the fight with PKA WORLDWIDE’s Joe Corley at the incredible and huge Nature Reserve of Joe Viljoen outside Parys ( pronounced Par-ays) with its own, somewhat smaller Eiffel Tower. A Beautiful fight, deluxe Hotel and Incredible Nature made up an incredible trip, hosted by Master Viljoen, our PKA Director for Africa and proactive associate for 3.8 decades; he was named PKA INSTRUCTOR of the YEAR in 1985! Thanks for all Joe!

T R U T H!

Welcome to the world of rcfa



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Ring Contact Fighting Arts International is a proudly South African developed martial arts organization. It started in 1984 when the best teqniques from Boxing, Knockdown Karate, Judo, Wrestling, and Ballet was combined into this new supreme martial art.


For Fitness, Self-Defence or Fighting

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The fastest growing combat sport

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Competition Fighting

We offer semi-contact and full-contact fighting divisions.

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Syllabus Training

Our syllabus based training improves your skills in punching, kicking, balance, speed, endurance and hand to hand combat.

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Cardio & Fitness

Our cardio and fitness training helps to lose weight, gain muscle, endurance and push the boundries of your limits.

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Weapons Training

We have a total of 9 weapons that students can learn to master.

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Self Defense Training

Self-defence forms part of our daily training in classes. We equip our students with the knowledge to act under stress and pressure.

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Specialised Courses

Courses can be customised to suite our client’s needs.

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Latest News


National Executive Team 2023

We are proud to have elected the new 2023 executive team and the first ever junior executive team.


Sport Development

Now this is development and truly outstanding men today.They past their tough RCFA grading from 4th degree Blackbeld to 5th degree which qualify them as Shihans in RCFA.On the left Shihan Bafana and on the right Shihan Mpho the photos show Shihan Mpho from a kid to a senior Gentleman.


Words from Master Joe

Master Joe Viljoen proud to be associated with the Ring Contact Fighting Arts International family

Ring Contact Fighting Arts

The Best of Worlds

  • Boxing Techniques
      • • Used by fighters to keep their hands up to protect  themselves;
      • • Punching combinations used to out punch an opponent;
      • • Foot movement to last more rounds and to move faster;
      • • Respect and gentlemanship to acknowledge and treat an opponent and officials with respect and dignity and be humble in winning and losing a fight.
  • Karate
    • • Martial arts kicks used in combination with the boxing foot movement to round off a fighter’s arsenal of weapons they can use in a fight;
    • • Martial arts weapons included in RCFA: Bo, Nunchaku, Baton, Tonfa, Sai; Kama; Knife, Bokken and Samurai Sword.
    • • Discipline and respect;
    • • The grading system and belt structure of martial arts were included into RCFA. RCFA created a syllabus to test, grade and evaluate students;
  • Judo
    • • All the throwing techniques, holds, arm and leg locks, strangles and chokes also to escape all the above techniques used in RCFA Close Combat fighting and self-defence.
    • • Timing, balance and a well-established base.
  • Wrestling
    • • Used in RCFA Close Combat Fighting and self-defence.
      • Hold downs, ground work, control / mounting positions establishing of base and to escape from all the above techniques.
      • Fast reaction times
      • Power and use of momentum
  • Ballet
    • • Flowing movements;
      • Light on the feet;
      • Balance and flexibility;
      • Jumping and turning/spinning movements;
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